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Thursday, September 1, 2011
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Another sunny day, flat out gorgeous!  I’m grateful for that, I’m grateful for the jobs ready for me to quote, I’m grateful for the many friendly and encouraging people who stopped by our booth at the fair.

I realized during the fair that Inspiramental Company’s presence is way too subtle; we only had a few signs and no brochures or literature other than our business cards to take away.  Our business cards include our website, but then our website only lists half the stuff we do.  In light of that I’m going to write a blog listing the services that we offer.

This list includes brief comments about each product or service.  I plan to explain these systems further on our website but in the meantime, please contact us for clarification.

The List:

Solar Electric Systems from 55 to 500,000 Watts

(Electric is high grade energy with the most applications) We prefer MAGE PV panels and Solectria, Morningstar, SMA, SolarEdge, and Enphase Inverters.  We mount PV arrays on roofs and for ground mount, we prefer mounting 10 – 15 panels on a single pole for ease of grounds prep and maintenance.

Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Systems from 1000 to 168,000 Watts

(Solar water heating systems work best when the demand for hot water is year round) We are registered with most of the major collector manufacturers but we prefer  flat plate collectors by Solar Skies, EcoFlare, and AET.  We also like EarthNet Energy’s evacuated tube collectors.

Solar Powered Furnaces
(The ‘Solar Powered Furnace’ by Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is a 4’ x 8-10’ collector that mounts on a south facing wall, these provide air heated by the sun in winter)
We offer the SPF by RREAL, it’s very well made.

Solar Pool Heat
Solar is the best way to heat a seasonal outdoor pool.  A solar pool heating system will sometimes double the swimming season in Ohio.  I work hard to make sure our pool stays clean and it’s disappointing when the water is too cold to swim in August.

Solar Light

Solar Signs & Lights
(These SunSigns are solar powered battery based stand-alone signs or area lights that do not require connection to an electric utility)

Natural Lighting Systems
(For commercial applications we prefer the Daystar Natural Light System, It’s a 4’ x 4’ skylight dome on the roof with a 4’ x 4’ light distributing lens in the building)
(For residential applications we like Natural Light Energy Systems tubular skylights)
(Natural Lighting is ultimately part architecture and engineering – we aren’t architect’s or engineers but we like to see natural light as an integral part of new building design)

Solar Attic Fans
A solar attic fan is a great way to vent an attic and use a little solar power.

Steel Fab

Custom Steel Fabrication 
Under the brand, “True South”, we do custom steel fabrication, we don’t limit that to solar projects, but it has allowed us to create several unique solar mounting solutions such as the PoleV2 which holds 10 – 15 PV panels, the PoleV Trainer, and the SunSign stand-alone solar signs.
And now for something completely different…

Natural Swimming Pools 
A natural swimming pool is a balanced aqua-system or biotope (a small area with a distinct set of environmental conditions that supports a particular ecological community of plants and animals).
Native water plants are grown in a designated shallow area of the swimming pool and the water is circulated so that the naturally occurring nutrients are consumed by the plants to create a naturally clear and healthy pool.  No chemicals are necessary in a natural pool.