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The Careful Craftsman

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Inspiramental Blog

Careful craftsmanship is important to ensure the most value out of the materials purchased.

Whether they be concrete blocks, solar panels, or windows.

I’ve witnessed some very nice products installed in such a way as to not only look bad but only about half work and sometimes fail completely.

At Inspiramental Company we place a high value on the craftsman, often spending what seems like too much time in design and thoughtful integration.

We’d rather spend an extra day on the installation than eight return trips to prop up a broken installation.

The careful craftsman wields the power to get the best results out of the same fixtures that the crafty craftsman is using.

The crafty craftsman, being crafty might even slip in some chancy materials too and that’s definitely not a good mix.

Certifications, permits, and inspection are in place to protect the consumer, but these mediums still allow too much junk to slip through.

You don’t have to choose Inspiramental Company, of course there are a lot of other great craftsmen out there.

On one hand I hate writing on this subject though because I know that raises the bar for me to those reading it.

And I’m sure that I can’t measure up to a perfectionist, because I’m a perfectionist and it always seems like I could have done a job just a little bit, if not a lot better.

When hiring a craftsman it’s possible to find out what they can do by asking for references and photos.

Find a craftsman that does the best they can, find out what they can from references and photos, and the building blocks you’re buying will increase in value by the craftsmanship.

Same blocks, different results.