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We specialize in, and are certified and qualified to design and build solar electric and solar heating systems. Although, we also like to build passive solar structures or install natural lighting systems, green roofs and natural pools. Our philosophy begins and ends with the term, “inspired by nature;” which means that we are interested in applying building and energy system designs that will endure and work well with natural processes.


The earth is the only place habitable to our kind within several light-years, it makes sense to us to be involved in the building, restoration, and retrofitting of structures that will complement the beautiful aspects and processes of nature.    


Solar pool heating has been popular because the swimming comfort is enhanced by maintaining 84 degrees or better and the season is often extended one to three months with just the initial investment and no future fuel cost. We install Heliocol products which we have found to have the best, most effective system in the solar pool heating industry.  


Solar electricity is viable way to generate electric power onsite and take a step towards local independence. Our systems in Ohio have primarily been grid tied without battery back-up. We've installed a few significant off grid systems in Haiti where, either the grid isn't dependable or petroleum generators are required for onsite power. 


Please look around this site or contact us for specific details. Thanks again for visiting, we hope you enjoy you time here and we look forward to hearing from you. Meeting awesome clients really has been the best thing about this business!

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