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To Use or Not to Use Solar Micro-Inverters

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Micro-inverters are readily available, as well as module level optimizers in combination with string inverters.

It is my opinion that micro-inverters mainly shine in multiple orientation sites, such as houses with east west and south facing orientations, in cases of shading, and on 10kW and smaller applications.

I think that they are best used for multiple small applications because string planning and design is basically eliminated. On large applications design becomes more complex and where it costs more to go micro on small jobs the expense goes through the roof on large applications.

Micro-inverters mounted directly under panels create a hot spot which is counter-productive.

We’ve installed Enphase micro-inverters side by side with an SMA string inverter metering them separately and there is no significant difference in performance after one year’s data collection.

The Careful Craftsman

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Careful craftsmanship is important to ensure the most value out of the materials purchased.

Whether they be concrete blocks, solar panels, or windows.

I’ve witnessed some very nice products installed in such a way as to not only look bad but only about half work and sometimes fail completely.

At Inspiramental Company we place a high value on the craftsman, often spending what seems like too much time in design and thoughtful integration.

Bringing Together Farming and Solar Energy with Sheep?

Monday, June 25, 2012

A few weeks back we quoted a large solar installation where either gravel would have to be spread around the panel mounts or fabric laid down. This would keep the weeds and grass around the panels much more manageable.

While looking at the site it was suggested that sheep could be used to keep the grass trimmed. I had a good laugh at first. Then… it hit me! It really was a simple yet terrific idea that supports both agriculture and renewable energy.

What a great legacy for the farming community and education sector.