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Thursday, July 14, 2011
Inspiramental Blog

Welcome to Inspiramental Company’s blog!

This is where we will be sharing tips and insights about solar energy systems.

We will also include stuff about conserving energy.

Speaking of stuff, we would like to recommend a video about stuff, that I think really brings into perspective the value of conservation. [The video is 21 minutes of completely interesting information]

You can check out the Story of Stuff website here for more interesting info.

Why bring conservation into a conversation about solar power?

Because solar power is part of a group of energy managing technologies that use replenishing natural resources such as wind, water, and the sun to drive them.

A lot goes in to converting the earth’s resources into high grade usable energy, such as electricity, transportation, and heat.

It is the best practice no matter what technology or initial fuel being used to find ways to be happy using less.

In the case of solar electric for instance one dollar spent on a good energy efficient appliance can save three to five dollars that would have gone towards the parts and labor to install a solar electric system.  Better yet, if a way is found to do without a load altogether, then resources are saved.  I say resources rather than money, because money is just the medium we use to trade resources, and a fair value isn’t always placed on resources.

Okay, I have begun to trail off, I guess that’s reason enough to post a blog each week…

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