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Homemade DIY Solar Panels – Build Your Own And Save $?$

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
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We get asked a lot about making solar panels.

That popular interest is probably why build your own solar panels dot org is pretty good at going viral on the internet.

Make Solar Panel

Or maybe it’s because it went viral.

Making one’s own solar panels is a fine hobby.  I’ve seen home-made panels and have a friend who’s made one.

I haven’t made one, and this isn’t a design, just a brief overview.

You start with 20 or more solar cells made of silicon, which are about as thin and fragile as a potato chip.

In order to protect and use them they are sandwiched between tempered glass on the front to let the sun through and opaque plastic on the back

The solar cells are placed on a piece of glass where the positive and negative leads are soldered together in series.

Then you frame it in aluminum like a picture, cover the back, and add sealant to keep moisture out.

Voila!  A solar panel!  Easier than making a refrigerator.

While you can make your own and many do there are benefits to the fully manufactured products.

Most factory assembled panels are three times better when it comes to scale, efficiency, and longevity.  Plus they cost less.  And they’re safer.  What’s more they come with 20 to 30 year warranties.  We’ve been using PV panels by MAGE Solar which has a manufacturing plant in Georgia.

Oh, one more thing, you may have guessed this, but, build your own solar panels dot org is part of a scam that goes by earth for energy dot com that is only interested in selling a $50 book.  They didn’t go viral they made themselves viral.  They bring a bad name on solar energy systems.